US delegation led by Ivanka Trump joined the ongoing Global Entrepreneurship Summit (GES) 2017 held at Hyderabad, and US officials hailed the tremendous success of the event while calling Indo-American bilateral relationships very strong and that the US have ‘wonderful relations with Indian PM Modi and India’.

While Ivanka is still in India, the US President Donald Trump’s administrative officials praised the immense success of GES this year and said that it is an indicator of strong bilateral relationship between the “two great nations”. The US Department of States spokesperson Heather Nauert, said, “I am so proud that the US and India held the Global Entrepreneurship Summit in Hyderabad… I think it’s a tremendous success when we bring in 1500 entrepreneurs from around the world.” Nauert also said that US has wonderful relations with PM Modi as well as India and that India has been constantly helpful with North Korean issue.

On the 1500 entrepreneurs from across the world attending the summit, Nauert said, “Our embassies helped in nominating, if I understand that correctly, many of the entrepreneurs from around the world. Picking entrepreneurs saying that we would like to help you get to India to be able to talk about the great work you are doing, the jobs that you are growing.”. But there must be some reason that Trump sent out is favourite ‘Trump card’’ to India. That could be this – Ivanka on Tuesday came in at the GES by spilling beans in Indian politics, or let’s say some tea? Wearing whatever it was she was wearing, she reminded us all of how Narendra Modi has shown that “transformational change is possible” through his journey from “childhood selling tea” to becoming the Prime Minister. Brew that in your cup of tea and enjoy RG? Or perhaps RG just doesn’t like tea?

Ivanka ‘T’ must also have been here to learn how human beings generate ‘energy’, because that could be useful considering how her father pulled US out of the climate agreement and backed coal usage – to make his country ‘great again’. If you are thinking, where did this energy thing come from? Well, Ms T said this, “We are going to witness a great deal of energy from men and women” at the GES. Energy can be useful you know. So much about the blooming US-India relations.