The world doesn’t need trans-fat and that is why the World Health Organisation (WHO) released a campaign called REPLACE, which will act as a step-by-step guide for all countries to eliminate artificially produced and widely used trans-fatty content from the global food supply and make the world trans-fat-free by 2023; an amazing program, indeed.

FYI, trans-fats (which makes all the junk food tastier and junkier) is the ingredient that is responsible for around 5,40,000 deaths across the world every single year. And yet, we binge on it every single day in form of fried, baked and snack foods – increasing the risks of causing heart disease by 21% and death by 28%. This massacre can be avoided if the industrially produced trans-fat which causes most heart diseases, is completely banned by all countries. But who will ban that? WHO will; WHO as in the World Health Organisation.

While a number of American companies have gotten rid of artificial trans-fats and a federal ban will be implemented across the country, there are still a huge number of countries commonly using trans-fat in food industries. So to make this world trans-fat-free and get rid of the enemy, the WHO has a swell plan called REPLACE, which will prove to be a step-by-step guide for governments across the world to eliminate artificial trans-fat from food supplies. Implementing WHO’s six strategies for replacing trans-fat options like artificial shortening and meringues with natural fats like oil and butter, and promoting healthier alternatives will remove these harmful ingredients from our food chain – which will be a major, major score against heart diseases.

The REPLACE campaign urges countries to issue nutritional guidelines that advise people to avoid usage of trans-fats in large processed-food manufacturers to mom-and-pop restaurants and bakeries, just because they have longer shelf life. Oh and an interesting fact – REPLACE doesn’t just mean replacing trans-fats with natural alternatives; it is an interesting abbreviation of: REview, Promote, Legislate, Access, Create and Enforce. All six strategies that are to be implemented by any food business and help the world become trans-fat free by 2023.