A massive monster-sized ocean wave with the height of 23.8 metres (78 foot), as tall as an eight-floor building was recorded in the remote oceanic area in southern hemisphere near New Zealand – marking to be the largest wave ever recorded.

A solar-powered buoy installed by the Meteorological Metservice of New Zealand in the ocean recorded a monster wave on Tuesday, off the coasts in deep remote sea – about 700 kilometres from the Campbell Island off New Zealand’s South Island. As per the Meteorological department, the mammoth wave was as tall as 23.8 metre (78 foot), which is equivalent to the height of an 8 storey building. The massive monstrous ocean wave wiped off and dwarfed the previous southern-hemisphere record of 22.03 metres tall wave that was recorded in 2012 in the Australian waters and has become the largest-ever ocean wave recorded.

As per a senior oceanographer at Metocean, Tom Durrant, said that the formation of this wave was “very exciting event and to our knowledge it is largest wave ever recorded”. This is seen as an interesting natural phenomenon, however, it can actually hit the coasts of New Zealand and also whittle towards the North American costs in about a week. The solar-powered buoy in South Ocean actually operated for 20 minutes every three hours, so Durrant believes that it is possible that the peak height of the wave during storm were actually much higher, with individual waves greater than 25 metres. So it is very possible that a much larger wave was actually formed on Tuesday but was not recorded by the buoy.

The deep pressure conditions, which are very common in the southern hemisphere form heavy storms which blend up the ocean and generate waves. Once the waves are formed, the persistent and energetic winds of storm in the ocean contribute in creating enormous force that aids in growth of such humongous waves. These extreme weather conditions in the remote seas of southern hemisphere makes the region the engine room for generating swell waves that propagate across the entire globe. It is normal in the South Ocean to record 10-15 metre tall waves, but the largest ever wave might have never been recorded beyond 23.8 metres so far.