Made from real gold and silk, studded with 236 real diamonds including 15 flawless 100 carats of diamonds – the world’s most expensive shoes is up for sale in Dubai at Rs 123 crore (USD 17 million).

Your spurge over those Jimmy Choo shoes will seem inexpensive after finding out how much world’s most expensive shoes costs. To put it into perspective, that’s just a few crores cheaper the cost of Amitabh Bachchan’s home Jalsa in Mumbai. The Rs 123 crore pair of golden shoes are created by a fashion brand called Jada Dubai along with Passion Jewellers. The designers said that the shoes are adorned with 15 flawless 100 carats of diamonds set in white gold, and two huge D-flawless diamonds that are said to be of the rarest of the rare kind– which makes them very, very expensive.

Even Jada Dubai brand logo inscribed inside the shoes, is made of real gold but don’t worry, it is thin enough to not hurt when worn. So if you are interested in buying the diamond studded real life princess shoes, they were recently launched and are put on Dubai’s Burj Al Arab Hotel, the only seven-star hotel in the world – of course. Displayed in a diamond-shaped glass case on the top floor of the palatial Burj, the shiny swanky pair of golden shoes await its next billionaire buyer.

If you are wondering, the one on display is a prototype of 36 EU standard size but it can be customised as per order and the price remains same for all. Oh and not to forget, the world’s most expensive shoes comes with a lifetime warranty – in case you step on to dogshit, it will be replaced (just saying). The designers of this pair of shoes are also planning to design more such footwear with “not only diamonds, but rubies and sapphires”.