For a lot of 90s kids, signing in to Yahoo account and using the Yahoo Messenger was their first encounter with the World Wide Web. However, after a run of two decades, the Yahoo Messenger is ready for a farewell and Y!M messaging app will shut down as the clock strikes midnight today – July 17, 2018.

Getting back in time in 1990s when internet was not so popular, one of the most memorable encounters with the magical world of World Wide Web begun with logging into Yahoo accounts. Rushing to the boxy desktops connected with dial-up internet connections to “buzz” friends on Yahoo Messenger was common for most 90s school kids in India (#MeToo!). With time, the web got “webbier” and zillions of other messaging apps emerged and we swiftly shifted from the Yahoo Messenger to other feature-loaded apps.

After a journey of 20 years, the once popular Yahoo Messenger is set for a farewell and counting its final few hours on the web, as it is scheduled to shut down and will be put to rest today, on July 17 2018. Yahoo has decided to close its messaging app after losing down to competition against other modern apps like WhatsApp, Snapchat and Facebook Messenger as well as multiple failed attempts to resurrect Y!M. In the age of new modern apps, the news of demise of Yahoo Messenger might not exactly be shocking, but it surely is the time to fondly ponder over the nostalgia that will be flooded over the internet today.

Yahoo Messenger may have struggled for survival in the competitive techie market in past few years, but the first instant messaging app of India has served us well for years. Incepted in 1998 as “Yahoo Pager”, Y!M reached its peak in 2009 with 122.6 million active users and had also found itself being extensively used by oil and commodity traders because it was free and quick to use. However, all everything comes to an end in this mortal world, and so does the Yahoo Messenger. There will be 6 months of time to download chat history after its shutdown and if you try to open the messenger, you will be directed to the new group messaging app Squirrel. The time is up for Yahoo Messenger, but it will be remember in years to come.