After shutdown of the “Yahoo Messenger” in July, the Yahoo group had bid another bid with a new messaging app called “Yahoo Together” which could be a competitor to WhatsApp.

It was a time when Yahoo Messenger was in fashion, and everyone having the internet connection were using it. But, after the launch of Facebook and other instant messaging apps, Yahoo Messenger kept losing its users, and Yahoo Messenger just got shutdown in July 2018. Yahoo Messenger was launched as “Yahoo Pager” in 1998, and later re-branded as “Yahoo Messenger” in 1999. It was like the very first internet experience for 90s kids, which used to provide personal chats and chat rooms.

Now, in rivalry of those instant messaging app, Yahoo again launches an instant messaging app with name “Yahoo Together”. After the successful testing of its beta version named “Squirrel” in both the android and the iOS platforms. Just like the currently trending instant messaging apps, Yahoo Together will offer instant messaging, sharing images, videos, GIFs, group chat and reactions. Yahoo Together has a beautiful UI and it will let you smart reminders for group chats and will also allow to create secret topics for private conversations.

Yahoo Together will let you create infinite amount of separate topics to organize your chats. “In many apps, you have a set of people, and then a single thread. What’s unique to Yahoo Together is that it allows you to create long running groups, but create an infinite amount of separate topics to organize conversations, and where helpful, limit access to some of those topics to a subset of the group” said Michael Albers, Oath VP and Head of Communications Products to TechCrunch. Yahoo Together will require a Yahoo account in order to use Yahoo Together. For those not having a Yahoo Account, will require an invite from those who have one. This invite will generate a unique code, which you have to enter when you sign in.