New Delhi: Considering the highest value in the mythology of India and Indians, Ganga will now be treated as a living entity. It means the laws which are applicable to human beings, same will be to Ganga.

A historic decision taken by Uttarakhand High Court on declaring Ganga as living entity and every citizen has to follow law same applicable to them. Not only this, a tributary of Ganga, the Yamuna is now also a living entity.

It is considered as the big decision on Clean Ganga mission which was earlier announced by Indian Government under the leadership of Uma Bharti. Those, who harms Ganga will be treated as equal to harming a human being. Court also directed the state government to form Ganga Administration Board and take all the necessary steps to make it clean, better maintained.

Although, in earlier days, court slammed government by ‘nothing doing concrete’ in order to maintain Ganga from scratch. “The Ganga should be saved for the generations to come,” the court added. Beside it, Government also concerned for Saraswati river as wasting time on it and result is no impressive.

The Executive Committee of the National Mission for Clean Ganga recently approved 20 projects – 13 of which are in Uttarakhand – worth Rs 1,900 crore to be implemented immediately in Uttarakhand, Delhi and Uttar Pradesh state of India.

Inspired by New Zealand government declaring its 145km long river Whanganui as living entity and became the first river in the world to grab this status. Uttarakhand HC took no time to take the same action on two of the holy rivers of India in the approach of a better environment.