The Supreme Court’s final verdict on the Aadhaar case has given right to every citizen to ask private organisations, banks, telecom, insurance and mutual fund companies to remove their Aadhaar details that were previously submitted.

Earlier this year, the Central government had declared an interim rule under which, the biometric Aadhaar card overrode all existing identity proofs including driving license, election cards and birth certificates. Biometric authentication and submitting personal details on Aadhaar was made compulsory to receive a number of government as well as private sector services. So telecom service providers, banks, insurance companies and many other privately owned companies started demanding Aadhaar linking to receive services.

However, in the latest Aadhaar verdict, the Supreme Court ruled out the mandate and cleared that Aadhaar linkage with private companies is not mandatory. And, anyone who has already submitted their Aadhaar and parted personal details to these companies hold the right to demand them to delete or withdraw the details. So you can actually ask companies to delete your Aadhaar details from their systems and continue receiving service normally. However, one will require to submit other authentication documents such as passport, voter ID and bank statement to replace Aadhaar.

Also, one will not have to provide Aadhaar card while buying new SIM cards or opening new bank accounts. On the other hand, the apex court has upheld the constitutional validity and mandatory linking of the Aadhaar Card with PAN Card to file income tax returns. Which means, the Aadhaar remains exclusive to government and is not for business and private authorities. Henceforth, Aadhaar stays but all the fangs and pangs surrounding it are gone.