Within just 12 years, YouTube has become a vital part of our lives – a go to video media platform which is extensively used by almost everyone, regularly. To make the look-and-feel of YouTube more consistent, it has been revamped majorly, but all for good.

When was the last time you searched something on YouTube? Couldn’t be less than a day, right? The point is, we all love YouTube and it is an important part of our digital lives now. But have you ever noticed that the red-white logo? Yeah, that logo has never been changed since launch of YouTube 12 years ago – until now. The logo is a pair of anachronisms wrapped inside each other, where ‘tube’ is actually a slang used for television sets – because in ancient time, TVs were powered by vacuum tubes, you know? So the word ‘Tube’ in logo was actually engraved in a red tube – basically they have the word tube in a tube, and it doesn’t really make sense when thought about. Right?

So the art department of YouTube decided to change it and make it more sensible or rather make it match with what the website serves – the biggest ‘video’ service. With 1.5 billion viewers each month, YouTube rules over any screen that is connected to internet – and the entire platform just got its biggest aesthetic makeover till date. Because over time, YouTube services have evolved, a lot, and they say they aren’t even close to done; so to bring a more functional and consistent look across desktop and mobile experiences, YouTube has been revamped. See the logo transformation – swoop!

The first most-visible change – the red cherry red logo has been cleaned up and made a little more versatile so that it works better on even the tiniest screens and the signature play button redefined the meaning of logo rather than a tube in a tube, right? Next up is the desktop web design – it has been redesigned based on user feedback and a fresher, simpler, cleaner and intuitive user experience that lets content take the front seat. The new design also has a dark theme which makes the entire website turn dark while watching a video for a cinematic feel – it looks classy.

The most significant change is seen in the mobile application – the header is now all white for clean view of content, navigation tab has been moved to bottom of the app – closer to our thumbs (thoughtful!); option to watch videos at our own pace, which means one can fast forward it or watch it in slow motion; introduction of gestures to control videos – double tap on the left or right side of a video to fast forward or rewind 10 seconds. Another amazing change is – video screen adaptability, the YouTube player will seamlessly change shape to match the video format you’re watching, such as vertical, square or horizontal! Say goodbye to those black bars on sides of the videos.  So that is that, minus some tiny aesthetic changes, enjoy the makeover.