A massive explosion occurred at Ukraine’s defence ministry ammunition depot near Ukrainian capital Kiev today morning, which led to fire. A total of 12000 people have been evacuated from the region and the Defence Ministry has confirmed that there has been no casualties, injuries or victims due to explosion and people are being moved to safer places.

Located 176 kms to the east of Kiev, Ukraine ammunition depot was hit by internal explosion and fire on Tuesday morning. While the cause for the explosion has not been clearly declared, it could be either due to accident or sabotage. The security officials said that since the explosions were set off at different places inside the depot, the possibility of it being a sabotage attack is high. The emergency and security officials are investigating to find the cause of the incident.

As precautionary measures, the state security service have evacuated over 12,000 people from the region to safer places. Also, 20 kilometre radius of airspace has been closed and road and rail transport suspended in the region to block public reach in the region. The defence ministry has stated that, “there are no victims, wounded, injured or killed” among military personnel, officials or local people and everyone is safe and healthy.