Slovaks have voted for the anti-corruption candidate Zuzana Caputova for the presidential elections, and she will soon take oath as Slovakia’s first-ever female president.

Giving a clear majority of 58.4 percent vote share to the 45-year-old environmental lawyer Zuzana Caputova and a member of the liberal Progressive Slovakia party, the citizens of Slovakia gave a clear majority win to the country’s first ever female president. While her contender from the ruling Smer-SD party – the high-profile diplomat Maros Sefcovic settled for 41.6 percent votes in Slovakian presidential election. The country’s first female president will be sworn in on 15 June when Slovakia’s current president, Andrej Kiska, finishes his term of office.

With no political experience and coming from a political party with no seats in parliament, Zuzana’s presidential campaign was mainly the country’s choice between good and evil. Since the election was conducted just days after the murder of an investigative journalist Jan Kuciak, who was shot down while he was working on finding links between politicians and organised crime last year. Jan’s murder had led to a mass public outrage against the government’s corruptions – leading to a political crisis in Slovakia since February 2018.

Zuzana Caputova used the wave of outrage to come up as a candidate who will give a tough check on the corrupt governance in the country. Before the elections, Zuzana came out as an anti-corruption activist and had been vocal about the promises to tackle corruption hands-on, and she had been using campaigns like “stand up to evil”. The newly elected Slovakian president also favours for LGBTQ+ rights in a country where same sex marriage and adoption is still illegal. While the election of a liberal head of the state comes as a need for the country, Zuzana will have to face new challenges including difficulties in passing legislations in the Smer-held parliament.